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Mr. Lee Hundt

My name is Mr. Hundt. I am a high school teacher at McCormick High School. I am currently teaching World History, Economics, and American Government. I have been teaching at the McCormick County School for 15 years. My other responsibilities include golf coach, and academic team coach. 

                                                        American Government


Course Overview: The American Government class is 9 week long (block schedule-90 minutes). This class informs the student of the basic principles of American Government. This includes: The Origins of limited government in Great Britain; types of governments worldwide; the Enlightenment motivations for the founding framers; the event that led to Revolution; the transition from colonies to states; analysis of the Declaration of Independence; the Articles of Confederation; the events leading to the Constitutional Convention; Competing ideas behind the Constitution; The Great Compromise; the Bill of Rights; the Amendment process; the changes to the early government; Amendments throughout the years; Landmark Supreme Court cases; contemporary analysis of the US Government 


Materials: Text: United States Government (Holt McDougal), chromebook, supplementary materials




Course Overview: This class is 9 weeks long (block schedule-90 minutes)  Economics is focused on the dynamics of micro and macro economics; the historical foundations of economic theory; different types of economic systems; This economics course has two primary objectives. First of all, the class is designed to provide students with an overview of business, finance, banking, investment, government’s role in the economic system, labor-management relations, foreign trade, income inequality, and related fields. The knowledge and skills acquired will help the student make career decisions and make wise choices for further study at a college or vocational school. Students will gain insights into the advantages, disadvantages, and strategies of starting a business of one’s own.

Second, the students will learn the primary aspects of personal finance; this includes, but is not limited to, the practical understanding of banking, checkbook usage, car loans, student loans, concepts of accrued interest, and the functions of lending and borrowing money


Materials: Economic-(a study) Holt McDougal, chromebook, supplementary materials

                                             World History (1300 to Present) 


Course Overview: This class is a semester class (16 weeks-block schedule-84 minutes)

World History is the study of the migration of peoples, ideas, and political and physical conquests over the course of approximately 800 years. The students will learn of the beginnings of European capitalism, world exploration, and the transference of ideas and culture between the old world and the new world. Included in this course are the following; the Global economy; transformations in Europe; global revolutions; political revolutions and their legacies; the Industrial Revolution; Imperialism throughout the world; World War I; The Russian Revolution; Foreign Influences and Political Revolutions in the Americas; North Africa and the Middle East; The Rise of Fascism and Totalitarian States; World War II; Independence and Revolution in Asia; The Cold War and the Third World; Independence and Democracy; Modern Middle East; Contemporary Global Issues


Materials: History Alive - World Connections (TCI) chromebook program (text and text activities on line), supplementary materials

Course schedule: Hundt-  1st semester : American Government (9 weeks) , Economics (9 weeks) , World History (18 weeks)


2nd semester : World History (18 weeks) , American Government (9weeks), Economics (9weeks)