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JAG Jobs for American Graduates

What has JAG been doing for the month of February for Black History?
JAG students completed the Black History month Challenge sponsored by Principal Foundation and Everfi. They heard untold stories about Juneteenth, affirmative action, protest and marches for civil rights and equality, and extending and limiting factors on civil rights. They learned about Black Business Titans (Golden age of black business and the growth of Black Wall Street, Tulsa Race Massacre, Myth-busting the racial wealth gap, and examples of modern black entrepreneurship). We had discussions and debates on these issues and learned from one another. At the end, students were encouraged to reflect on their learning by writing an essay. The essays were submitted into the Black History Month Challenge to win a college scholarship (1st place - $3,500, 2nd place - $1,000 and 3rd place - $500) sponsored by Principal Foundation.
Additionally, McCormick JAG students were invited to join the JAG National Zero Discrimination Student Video Campaign. Students submitted short videos answering the question "What would a world with zero discrimination look like for me? Their videos will be part of a nationwide video campaign sponsored by JAG National.