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Good Reads

Book Award Nominees

This list of books is geared more toward Middle School students, but there are some great books on the list!  
This list is specifically geared toward High School students.  You will find great books on this list. 
YALSA provides multiple book awards each year.  Click the link above to view the lists and their nominees. 

Book Lists 

If you prefer to listen to a good story, this is the list for you! 
Girls, here is your very own list of great reads! 
Are you looking for books about your favorite subject?  Find great suggestions here! 
If you loved The Hunger Games, you will love these amazing reads! 
Do you want to escape into a make-believe world?  Here are some great suggestions! 
Whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, this is the list for graphic novel readers! 
Guys, here is your very own list of great reads! 
Do you prefer paperbacks to hardbacks?  This is the list for you! 
Are vampires, werewolves and magic your cup of tea?  Try these great books! 
If you love realistic stories, you'll love these great novels! 
Do you like a good romance?  Here is the list for you! 
If Science Fiction is your favorite, you'll love these books! 
If you love spies and mysteries, check out this list of great suggestions! 
If you have a hard time enjoying reading, these might just catch your eye (and your mind)! 
Is a city the perfect setting for a great story?  If so, this is the list for you!