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The National PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) is a nonprofit organization designed to provide educational resources and information for families.  Information is available for all ages.
The Parents' Guide to Student Success offers guides for what to expect from the new Common Core State Standards in your children's classrooms.  There are guides for each grade level through 8th grade, and guides for High School ELA and Math.  The guides let you know the major skills that your children will be mastering; they also offer tips about how to best communicate with your children's teachers.
The Health and Safety page offers information on topics such as healthy home habits, Internet safety, and school violence.
Helping Children Be Their Best offers tips about how to encourage and assist your children in doing and being the best they can to become successful.
Family Education is a great resource for the families of children of all ages, birth to adulthood.  This site offers information about what to expect from each age level, activities to do, school tips, tips about things to discuss at specific age levels, and much, much more. 
The Utah Education Network provides information and resources for parents of students of all ages. This particular page offers information for Middle and High school students and their families from parenting tips, how to help your child with school, drugs and alcohol, Internet safety, driving, and more.
Scholastic offers information about the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  You can view the general resources and information or select South Carolina to receive specific information about CCSS within SC.